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Did you know that pet skincare is not a regulated industry? Not only can they put anything in the bottle, they don’t even have to tell you what they put in.  In fact, when I was doing my research looking for good quality skincare for our dog I even found shampoos and formulas that had bleach in them!

I simply couldn’t imagine using anything on our dog that wasn’t completely natural. I searched far and wide for high quality products, but was never satisfied with what I found in the marketplace, untill one day … I finally found a formula that was all natural, very effective and manufactured in FDA inspected facilities.  The formula is so amazing that it can be used on a daily basis, even on very sensitive skin.  All the ingredients are listed on the bottles, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your pet.

PeachyDog is a labour of love for me. Pet skincare the way nature intended … NATURALLY EFFECTIVE



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Hi there! I'm Dore, founder and owner of PeachyDog which I started when I couldn't find quality, natural skin products for our pup. I'm also a homeschooling mom of 2 and married to Ivan, a business coach. Our home runs on love, laughter and coffee. Chamomile, our pup, is a very welcome addition to our family.
PeachyDog Founder Owner Dore Vickers
Dore Vickers
Founder and Owner