DogBalm Natural Soothing Balm


DogBalm is a Protective Barrier Balm, Soothes Skin Irritations that Cause Excessive Licking, Chewing & Scratching, Moisturises & Rejuvenates Skin, Leaves Skin Calm & Comfortable, Handy Size 0.5oz

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  • SOOTHES itches & irritations leaving the skin calm and comfortable
  • NATURAL ingredients promote healthy skin
  • REJUVENATES & hydrates the skin
  • PROTECTIVE barrier against free radicals
  • Handy size stick means you can carry it with you to treat your dog ANYWHERE, ANY TIME


Using DogBalm on Small Areas

Simply soften between your fingers and apply to affected area

Using DogBalm on Large Areas

Soften over warm water and apply to affected area

46 reviews for DogBalm Natural Soothing Balm

  1. john

  2. LSH

    This Balm works. We are able to provide relief to our pups paws which get red and sore inbetween the pads. We have tried a lot of products but this one is giving us the best results. It is the perfect size, it is convenient to carry. I totally recommend this product

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  3. sharn

  4. Mindy

    So, my dog wouldn’t let me anywhere near him with this. It does have a strong aroma and he doesn’t like any medication type ointments and such. When I got a couple nice scratches on the back of my leg from his dew claws, I decided to give it a try on those right away. I’ve been delighted with the results. My doggy war wounds are healing about 3 times more quickly than they would normally and I have a feeling that there might not be the bad scars that I normally get. I’ll update (if I remember).

    UPDATE: Finally was able to put it on my dog’s hot spot and wrap it. This helped it finally heal and kept him from licking too much when he got the wrap off.

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  5. gail

    Very good. Tried to order another one but you weren’t selling it

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  6. Mrs Ellen

    It is a very small stick but as it is a balm it makes it easy to rub onto the areas that are aggravating the dog.

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  7. Amazon Customer

  8. Taurus

    Works OK on insect bites. I would be happy to purchase this product again from the supplier.

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  9. Mark Dickinson

    Good value and easy on the pooch

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  10. David

  11. Ashpacino

    Good product, works well for my little jack Russell with itchy skin.

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  12. Mrs C.

    Worked very well; however, I have chocolate labrador so would have needed much more to treat her.

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  13. Amazon Customer

    made our dogs nose softer and healthier

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  14. katarzyna 07879959276.

    There is no vet need it to treat your pet , this balm helps to my dog , highly recommend

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  15. Amazon Customer

  16. graham fryer

  17. M. hughes

    Cleared my dogs paws up

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  18. Mr R Vickery

    My dog is still itching, but we still order another tube and see if it does do what is says?

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  19. Mary Andrews

  20. Mrs Mary Burbidge

    Did not have to use after all, but handy to have should it be needed at any time.

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  21. burpy

  22. Lisa Wright

    Seems to work quite well but there’s not much of it. I have a large labrador and it seems to just melt on him. You give any irritated skin a couple of wipes over with this and you have to wind the bottom again to produce more of the stuff. It’s not long in running out.

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  23. mrs shirley chew

    Amazing product I had tried almost every thing to stop my pooch from scratching after 5 to 10 minutes stopped brilliant definitely recommendBig thank you

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  24. ev delaney

    Did not really help the problem

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  25. Catherine magee

    It’s amazing. A wonder cream. My dog suffers from wet eczema and can get rreally sore and irratated. The dog healing balm cleared it up in just over 1 week. Highly recommend it.

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  26. Amazon Customer

    Thanks – it was delivered in perfect condition ready to use

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  27. Redcoats

    Very pleased with the product and also quick delivery.

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  28. Mrs. C. A. Mitchell

    Helped sooth sore place on dog’s foot .

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  29. D. Eastwood

    Absolutely fantastic product………..cured my mini dachs terrible skin problems we could not solve after numerous visits to the vets in two days highly recomment

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  30. RedAmanda

    Nice natural product that I’m happy to use on my dog

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  31. Jacqueline

    OMG THIS IS BRILLIANT AS YOU CAN SEE MY DOG BOO HAS THIS CANCEROUS GROWTH IN HER PAW SHE KNAWED AT THE GROWTH ,I WAS LOOKING AROUND FOR SOMETHING TO WORK WITH ALONG SIDE HER ANTIBIOTICS ….THEY DIDNT WORK SO FOUND THIS LITTLE STICK GAVE IT A TRY, DID THE USUAL TO HER PAW WASHED IT WITH WARM WATER SPRAYED SOME WOUND WASH FOR DOGS AFTER,LEFT THAT TO ABSORB APPLIED TEATREE STICK WHEN UD FINISHED DRESSING IT SHE WENT SLEEP .THE POINT IS SHE LIKES THIS ITS SOOTHING I PUT IT UNDER THE GROWTH BETWEEN EACH OF HER CLAWS AND PADS AS SHE HAS TO HAVE IT CLEANED2-3 times a day my only grief is I wish it was bigger teatree stick its lip balm size as im having constant vet consultations I needed a cheaper way to look after her paw so I have dressings but whilst waiting for delivery I still have that wait so the vet told me to buy always as they keep smell in check wings hold it in place bandage doggy ones of course hold sock on so any ladies if you have dogs then use personal hygene products to help out pooch

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  32. Amazon Customer

    it did not do what it said

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  33. ACS2010

    Purchased as an ointment for a bite on my dog and it work wonders and has a pleasant smell too

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  34. Top cat

    I’m not 100%.. sure it works but it seems to .and seems to last a bit longer than others I’ve tried it’s Under his tummy and legs that he has the skin plm.

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  35. Honest reviewer

    It’s encouraging my dog to chew her paw within a day it’s now twice as bad Thank you very much

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  36. Amazon Customer

    Its helped my dogs sore paw and fast.

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  37. Tracy

  38. Emily Smith

    This balm is amazing. Worked within 10 mins of applying onto my dogs paws. She is alot happier within herself now best natural product on the market by far

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  39. Snowbears

    Good natural product which does work

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  40. Gemsy

  41. charlotte

    This stuff heals anything. Soothes itching and is safe if you have an ocd spaniel like me that smells anything a mile off and has to lick it to see if it’s poisonous. It’s actually sorted out skin infections and ear infections too. Only mild ones though. Brilliant for cuts and grazes from barbed wire and thorn bushes. Works on split paws and ripped skin. I have an accident prone springador so naturally we have two of these tubes. Doesn’t look like you get much product but if you rub it between your fingers to warm it up then it spread a long way. Definitely speeds up the healing process. Wouldn’t be without it actually

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  42. dickie bird

    used this on my dogs dry cracked nose worked well

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  43. Reviews4U

    My little guy had a rash on belly and he kept licking it making it worse, this cleared it up in TWO DAYS! Very happy with this product and highly recommend it!

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    Great size for travelling

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  45. Harmony

    smell was ok but when putting it on dogs paws etc it broke easy and was very hard to apply

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  46. Denniqua Abbott

    Really seemed to help our furry friends paw heal when he had quite a deep cut

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